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Understand the Bible? Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

Aug 30, 2021

The teacher jointly participates in the word with the students, the students jointly participate in all good things with the teacher. This is a Koinonia community that is toiling and sowing until the reaping of the harvest at the end of the world.  VF-1941 Galatians 6:6-9 Matthew 13

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Aug 27, 2021

Starts with an admonition to those who apologize for taking up the offering or play on greed to get people to give.  Goes into Paul's imperative to the Galatians, highlighting the grammar and individual Greek words to show the responsibility of those repeatedly receiving the Gospel to respond.  Moves on to a picture of...

Aug 26, 2021

Some people remain in a state of spiritual infancy and do not come to the maturity required to take the whole counsel of God. Instead, they persecute those who are born in the Spirit, as Ishmael persecuted Isaac. If you walk in the Spirit and are led by Him, you will encounter Ishmaels until the day you die....

Aug 25, 2021

Teaching from Paul's writings, primarily Galatians, and using the Greek and Hebrew languages to illustrate the meaning of Grace.  Grace is unmerited favor, it contains everything that God can and will be to us. VF-1725 Galatians 1:3, 6, 15; 2:9,21; 5:4: 6:18

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Aug 24, 2021

We are warned repeatedly in the scripture, "Be not deceived." In particular, we should not be deceived regarding the offering and giving. Listening to the messages delivered here and claiming you have not received teaching is self-deception. If you are a Christian, you will be giving somewhere in response to...