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Understand the Bible? Pastor Melissa Scott, Ph.D.

Jan 31, 2023

Through the Bible God put the gift of His Spirit in human conduits to instruct, to guide, and equip them for service. We see this with the people in Nehemiah’s day, with the 70 elders of Israel, Bezaleel, and many others throughout the Old and New Testament. God’s still placing the same Spirit in us today....

Jan 30, 2023

A close study of the Hebrew reveals God’s plural forgiveness’s, demonstrated by the fact that He never forsook the children of Israel despite their continuous rebellion.  For us the promise is even greater with the covering of the blood of Christ.  No matter how much or how often we fall short, we are...

Jan 27, 2023

God demonstrates his ways with man through the lesson of the manna.  The children of Israel were fed manna from heaven for 40 years and the people of Nehemiah’s day remembered God’s provision in their prayer.  We have the fulfillment of the Bread of life in Jesus Christ who provides food for our souls. VF-2005...

Jan 26, 2023

History confirms that God holds up His word. We can see it in the life of Abraham, we can see it through God's great deliverance of the children of Israel and those that returned to Jerusalem after being in captivity. How much more for us! VF-2004 Nehemiah 9:9-12

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Jan 25, 2023

Abraham shows us that faithful before God is not perfection. It is trusting in Him and running to His voice with expectancy that God will be faithful to perform His word. Nehemiah 9:7-8

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Pastor Melissa Scott teaches from Faith Center in Glendale. Call 1-800-338-3030...